What We Do

inCTRL provides Digital Solutions for water and biogas systems that improve water quality, are more cost effective, lead to higher resilience, and increase productivity.

Our Mission

inCTRL Solutions is all about quality and efficiency around water, wastewater, biogas, and resource recovery. We reach our goals by providing a unique skill set combining advanced data analytics and process modeling with classic process engineering and our vast practical experience. Add our innovative digital tools and we get you ready for the future.

SIMBA# - The Next Generation Process Simulator

SIMBA# is a process simulation platform with libraries for urban water systems (sewers, wastewater treatment plants, rivers) and wet digestion biogas plants

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inCTRL is internationally renowned for its expertise in dynamic process modeling and especially for modeling process control solutions. We can help you to find the most cost-effective solutions by using state-of-the-art tools and providing industry-leading expertise. The monitoring solutions we


inCTRL’s Innovative Software Solutions include the simulation platform SIMBA# with specific libraries for modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), sewer systems, rivers and wet digestion biogas plants (e.g. for agricultural waste). A second product line is opsCTRL, inCTRL’s


inCTRL offers premium support for all our software packages. Our training solutions range from standard courses to tailored training sessions at client’s sites. We also offer workshops and hands-on training on how to operate on-line sensors.

What our clients say about inCTRL

The inCTRL team exemplifies how bold, strategic, creative and intuitive thinking around foundational elements of biological treatment can advance our industry’s practical understanding. It makes us all better scientists, and better designers, but more importantly, better communicators of these highly complex and interrelated concepts.

Art K. Umble, PhD, PE, BCEE Senior Vice President - Global Wastewater Practice Leader, Stantec