Data Quality Management

New insights from your data

See the Potential of Your Data

Unleash the full potential of your operational data with inCTRL. Top-tier data quality is paramount for robust processes. Our team of experts at inCTRL is dedicated to not only guaranteeing the integrity of your data but also delving into its depths to extract actionable insights, thereby maximizing its value to your operations. Here’s how we do it: 

  • Establish Data Quality Protocols: Establish standard procedures for ensuring high-quality measurements of your existing instruments.


  • Design Short-Term Sensor Test Campaigns: Set up data quality evaluation procedures or short-term sensor test campaigns.


  • Leverage advanced data analytics: Gain a deeper understanding of your technology and processes. And bring hidden insights from your data to light. Data can originate from sources beyond sensors, including laboratories, which may not always provide accurate information. Develop techniques to validate and improve data quality from diverse sources.


  • Create and Deploy Software Tools: Develop and implement software tools to translate your data into valuable information.


  • Seamlessly Integrate Data Sources: Integrate online and offline data from all available sources to be used in powerful processes or business metrics.


  • More than Sensors: Innovation in problem-solving: Foster an environment that encourages innovation in data collection and validation processes.