Simulation system for innovative model-based solutions

Simulation on a new level

Leading integrated modeling and simulation

SIMBA# is a modern simulation platform for the mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants and beyond. SIMBA# provides a fully integrated simulation platform with libraries for the dynamic modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants, collection systems, and rivers.

A special library for wet digestion biogas plants supports engineers in the design and optimization of agricultural biogas plants. SIMBA# is a stand-alone simulator with outstanding functionality and an industry-leading engine guaranteeing unparalleled performance.

Multitude of applications

SIMBA# has the capability to integrate activated sludge, aeration systems, sludge digestion, sewer systems, drinking water networks, rivers, biogas plants, and any kind of automation instrumentation. Many process units are available to make dynamic modeling easier to implement, with the flexibility to model advanced controls more realistically. SIMBA# also can interface with our opsCTRL platform to provide facilities the potential to optimize operations.