About us

Who we are

We are a team of globally recognized experts with very diverse skill sets working together to make a difference. Our mission is to encapsulate our expertise in software and make it easily accessible to operators, technicians, and engineers. We develop creative solutions integrating classic engineering techniques with data analytics and modern software development processes. inCTRL’s key personnel bring more than 100 years of experience in the fields of optimizing municipal and industrial wastewater and biogas treatment processes.

Our Vision

Water is available everywhere in sufficient quantity and quality by the help of intelligent digital platforms that support the management of the entire water cycle. Water infrastructure operations are highly efficient, empowered by transparent data, open data exchange, and smart digital process and asset solutions.

Our Mission

Developing and implementing innovative digital solutions for our clients that make a difference is what we strive for. We at inCTRL empower water infrastructure stakeholders using digital solutions to drive the sustainable treatment and recovery of the world's most precious resource - #water.

Our Values

  • We care
  • We are open and team driven
  • We are aiming high
  • We are trail blazers

Our People


Carsten Owerdieck

Chief Operating Officer

David Williams

Chief Product Officer

Oliver Schraa

Chief Technology Officer


Brad Sturkey

Customer Success Manager

Christine H. Radke, PMP

Portfolio Project Manager

R&D/Data Analytics

Luz Alejo Ph.D, Dr.-Ing.

Data and Process Specialist

Mahsa Sadeghassadi, Ph.D.

Data & Control Specialist

Mirzaman Zamanzadeh Ph.D

Senior Process and Modeling Expert


Caleb Cash

Product Owner, opsCTRL Facility

Curtis McEachen

Product Analyst

Philip Lander

Product Owner, opsCTRL Supplier

Turiya Pearce-Smith

Senior Software Developer

Our Partners

Since 2021, we are part of the SKion Water portfolio.

The long-term vision of our main shareholder allows inCTRL to develop and provide sustainable and successful digital solutions that make a difference.

Where Consulting and Software Connect

At inCTRL, our mission is to empower stakeholders in water infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency while minimizing energy and water losses. We specialize in cutting-edge software solutions that streamline plant operations, automate asset management processes, and optimize overall performance. Notably, our software also serves equipment suppliers, enabling them to deliver increased value to their clients.

Internationally recognized for our expertise in dynamic process modeling and process control solutions, inCTRL is your trusted partner in finding cost-effective solutions. We harness state-of-the-art tools and offer industry-leading expertise to address your specific needs. Our commitment goes beyond the technology itself; it's about practical application. If an off-the-shelf solution suffices, we'll recommend it. However, when a tailored approach is required, we'll create a customized solution. In essence, our focus is on enhancing operability rather than pushing technology for its own sake. The ultimate goal is to revolutionize operations and unlock new value through actionable insights.

We collaborate closely with operators and suppliers, immersing ourselves in their processes and equipment to initiate meaningful improvements. Collaborating with operators and suppliers on a daily basis, we intimately understand the challenges they encounter. While caution is crucial, especially in managing critical infrastructure, it shouldn't hinder efficiency. We leverage data to uncover straightforward ways to connect the dots, introducing new capabilities and making advanced technology accessible to all.