Controller Performance Review

Achieve Optimal Control for Your System

Effective control strategies, whether simple or model-based predictive solutions, require seamless coordination of all system components. Discover the power of a comprehensive controller review conducted by inCTRL's expert team. We ensure that all desired setpoints are consistently met, even under dynamic conditions, and provide recommendations to enhance your controller code base. 

Our Services: 

  • Holistic Evaluation: Our expert team conducts a comprehensive assessment to verify that all desired setpoints are consistently achieved. 


  • Code Base Enhancements: Receive suggestions for improvements to your controller's code base, optimizing its performance. 


  • Target Optimization: We help you establish appropriate bounds to ensure that all your control targets are met effectively. 


  • Equipment Bottleneck Identification: Identify and address any bottlenecks in your equipment that may hinder optimal performance. 


  • Tuning Settings: Benefit from expertly tuned settings that improve responsiveness and control accuracy. 


  • Virtual Simulation Environment: Experience our virtual simulation environment, where all recommendations are tested and visualized within the context of your specific plant.