Optimize your process: Our Consulting Engineering Expertise and Spectrum of Service

In today's ever-evolving water, wastewater, and biogas industries, optimizing your processes and ensuring efficiency is paramount. To assist you in making an informed decision about which service best suits your requirements, here’s a detailed overview of five key services offered by inCTRL Solutions. Whether you are focused on aeration systems, controller performance, or innovation in technologies and processes, we've got you covered. 

  1. Plant Performance Review

For: Treatment Facilities 

The Plant Performance Review service is your gateway to achieving excellence in your treatment processes. Leveraging cutting-edge digital modeling tools, such as data-driven and mechanistic model-based simulation software, this service empowers owners and staff of treatment facilities to: 

  • Conduct comprehensive evaluations of the effectiveness of chemical and biochemical processes. 
  • Scrutinize equipment performance and efficiency to ensure optimal operation. 
  • Fine-tune processes to minimize chemical & energy consumption and reduce waste. 
  • Ensure the highest standards of water quality and sustainability. 
  • In an era where water resources are increasingly precious, this service plays a crucial role in safeguarding our most essential natural resources. 
  1. Aeration System Design

For: Aerobic Treatment Systems 

When it comes to the heart of every aerobic biological treatment system, the Aeration System Design service stands out. By taking into account various engineering and operational disciplines needed for aeration systems, inCTRL Solutions ensures:   

  • Consistent compliance with effluent limits. 
  • Maximum energy efficiency in system design. 
  • Integration of solutions and strategies tested under real-life conditions. 
  • Identification of bottlenecks and suggestions for upgrades to enhance reliability and efficiency. 
  • This service offers a comprehensive plan for upgrading your aeration system, ensuring optimal performance. 
  1. Controller Performance Review

For: Treatment Facilities 

Are you seeking to validate or enhance your process control strategies? The Controller Performance Review service is the solution. Whether you have simple control strategies or sophisticated model-based predictive control solutions, inCTRL's expert team offers: 

  • Identification of desired setpoints under dynamic conditions. 
  • Improvements to your controller code base. 
  • Suggestions for appropriate bounds to meet all targets. 
  • Identification of bottlenecks in equipment. 
  • Tuning settings to improve responsiveness. 
  • All these recommendations are tested and visualized in our virtual simulation environment, ensuring your system works seamlessly. 
  1. Model Development for New Technologies & Processes

For: Engineers  

Innovation is the backbone of progress, but testing and evaluating new ideas can be time-consuming and costly.   Our team of process experts provides Model Development services that can help with that: 

  • Implement new ideas into functional model blocks. 
  • Integrate these new ideas into plant configurations with dynamic feed source data. 
  • Verify the techno-economic feasibility of your concepts. 
  • Identify areas for improvement and establish optimal starting conditions. 
  • This service maximizes the rate of success in implementing new technologies and processes. 
  1. Techno-Economic Analysis of Process and Control Solutions

For: Treatment Facilities 

If you're looking to optimize your costs and operations continuously, the Techno-Economic Analysis tool is the solution.  

  • Runs alongside your plant model, continuously evaluating performance.  
  • Runs various dynamic scenarios.  
  • Identifies key areas for improvement with the highest impact and the lowest investment.