Model Development

Accelerate Innovation with Advanced Process Modeling

Bringing new treatment technologies, processes, or control configurations to life often involves significant time and resources. At inCTRL, our team of expert process modelers specializes in streamlining this process, making it both efficient and cost-effective. We don't just implement your ideas into new model blocks; we integrate them into a plant configuration with dynamic feed source data. 

Our Approach: 

  • Idea Integration: We transform your innovative ideas into functional model blocks that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes. 
  • Dynamic Feasibility Testing: Our models allow you to verify the techno-economic feasibility of your concepts, saving you time and resources. 


  • Identifying Improvement Potential: We identify potential areas for improvement, ensuring that your new technology or process is optimized from the start. 


  • Optimal Starting Conditions: We help you establish the optimal starting conditions, increasing the likelihood of success when implementing your ideas on a bench scale, pilot, or demonstration scale. 


  • Maximize Success: By leveraging our expertise, you can maximize the rate of success for your new technologies and processes.