New Year, New Innovations

Embrace the Future with inCTRL: Elevating Solutions in Water, Wastewater, and Biogas Management!

Greetings from the inCTRL team as we step into a promising New Year! Amidst the anticipation of fresh opportunities, one constant remains – inCTRL's unwavering commitment to delivering solutions to your greatest challenges over the past 12 years.

As inCTRL has evolved, the foundational essence has not only been preserved but enriched with additional value that extends across your entire equipment lifecycle. Originating in 2012 as a Process Modeling Company , inCTRL swiftly became experts and resellers for SIMBA#, a simulation software by ifak (Institute for Automation and Communication), widely recognized and utilized for research and applications worldwide since 1994.

The transformative year 2021 marked a significant milestone as inCTRL was acquired by SKion Water, a prominent water technology company. This collaboration brought forth a new addition to our arsenal – opsCTRL, formerly known as WaterExpert, a software launched in 2014 for internal use at water and wastewater installations globally. opsCTRL serves as an indispensable tool for plant operations and supplier installation-base management, integrating seamlessly into our tradition of combining technology and expertise to offer customer-centric solutions.

In this new year, inCTRL is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Going beyond conventional approaches, integrating opsCTRL into your system can open a realm of possibilities, such as digital twin capabilities, preventive and predictive maintenance, and other AI-based solutions. At inCTRL, our pride lies in providing data-driven solutions to your important operational challenges - such as lowering equipment warranty costs, improving treatment performance, and much more - through our expertise in data analytics, modeling, and innovative digital developments.

We invite you to witness how opsCTRL and SIMBA# revolutionize water, wastewater, and biogas processes. Allow us the privilege of showcasing the power of innovation in addressing your unique needs!



New Year, New Innovations