inCTRL Solutions works hard to help you better understand, manage and optimize your technology and facility’s performance. We are specialists for water, wastewater and biogas.

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Evolving operations

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Optimization of biogas operations

We help stakeholders of water infrastructure to operate more efficiently, reducing energy and water losses. Our software supports controlling plants and equipment, automates asset management processes, and keeps everything operating at peak performance. Also, our software supports equipment suppliers to deliver more value to their clients.

inCTRL is internationally renowned for its expertise in dynamic process modeling and especially for modeling process control solutions. We can help you to find the most cost-effective solutions by using state-of-the-art tools and providing industry-leading expertise. The value of working with us does not lie in the technology itself, but in how it is applied. If a simply off-the-shelf solution will do it, then that‘s what we‘ll recommend. And if we think something more bespoke is needed, we‘ll create that instead. In other words, our interest is not in pushing the technology, but in pushing the operability. The end game is evolving operations and new value through insights, not high-tech.

We work at the side of operators and suppliers to discover what‘s happening in their processes and equipment and make the first steps to improve. We’re essentially operators ourselves, so we know what they face every day. Caution has in the past led to more conservative choices – rightly so with critical infrastructure. But that can inhibit efficiency, so we use the data to look for simple ways to connect the dots, adding new capabilities and making operating technology accessible.