Innovative Software Solutions

inCTRL's Innovative Software Solutions include the simulation platform SIMBA# with specific libraries for modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), sewer systems, rivers and wet digestion biogas plants (e.g. for agricultural waste).

A second product line is inCTRL's Monitoring & Control Platform. Our platform can be connected to an existing SCADA system or communicates with your PLCs and provides additional information and functionality to more efficiently operate wastewater treatment plants.


SIMBA# – The Next Generation of Water, Wastewater and Biogas Simulators! SIMBA# is a modern simulation platform for the mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants and beyond. SIMBA#water provides a fully integrated simulation platform with libraries

Monitoring & Control Platform

inCTRL’s Monitoring&Control Platform sits atop an existing SCADA system and provides additional functionality to more efficiently operate wastewater treatment plants. The Monitoring part is continuously checking the data quality of the connected on-line sensors, optimizing the maintenance of sensors and


Promotional Material Are you interested in more information on SIMBA#? Please download one of the SIMBA# flyers describing key features or request a live demo from one of our experts. SIMBA_Water Flyer_3.2 (en) SIMBA_Biogas Flyer_3.2 (en) Software Demo Would you

SIMBA# - The Next Generation Process Simulator

SIMBA# is a process simulation platform with libraries for urban water systems (sewers, wastewater treatment plants, rivers) and wet digestion biogas plants

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