Picture_ARosenthal_300_250_2inCTRL is pleased to announce that Alex Rosenthal, formerly a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University, has joined our Team as a Senior Process Modeling Expert. Alex has over ten years of experience in environmental biotechnology and microbial ecology research and education. During his academic career, Alex led multiple applied research initiatives for major US utilities and made novel contributions to our understanding of microbial ecology and biofilm reactors.

Alex received his PhD from the City College of New York, where he focused on the development and optimization of combined nitritation-anammox bioprocesses for sidestream treatment for the New York DEP. Afterwards, he joined George Wells’ research group at Northwestern University as a postdoctoral fellow, where he led an applied research effort to investigate strategies for “mainstream” deployment of combined nitritation-anammox bioprocesses for the MWRD of Greater Chicago.

In addition to his research experience, Alex is a committed teacher and mentor at the pre-collegiate, undergraduate, and graduate levels. He has supervised more than twenty undergraduate and graduate researchers with particular emphasis on experimental design and advanced laboratory techniques. His teaching skills are enhancing inCTRL’s ability to effectively transfer industry-leading process expertise to our clients.

Alex’s expertise in process modeling and experimental design paired with an in-depth understanding of microbial ecology will contribute to our model building abilities. Additionally, Alex will be responsible for the future developments and support of SIMBA#biogas, our simulation platform dedicated to the modeling of industrial biogas plants.

Welcome to the inCTRL Team