IWA has collected the Top 10 cited IWA Publishing papers on modelling and simulation in the last 4 years. These cover broad perspectives in modelling and simulation of water and wastewater processes, including: analysis of biofilm processes; resilience and sensitivity of water and sewer systems; performance assessment and AI of wastewater treatment plants; and hydrodynamic-biokentic model integration and cyanobacteria modelling for water resource recovery. This list is specially curated for IWA Modelling and Integrated Assessment Specialist Group members, and many articles are available with open-access at IWA Publishing.

Top 10 Cited Papers

Biomass segregation between biofilm and flocs improves the control of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in mainstream partial nitritation and anammox processes
Authors: Laureni M., Weissbrodt D.G., Villez K., Robin O., de Jonge N., Rosenthal A., Wells G., Nielsen J.L., Morgenroth E., Joss A.

Topological attributes of network resilience: A study in water distribution systems
Authors: Meng F., Fu G., Farmani R., Sweetapple C., Butler D.

Multi-objective performance assessment of wastewater treatment plants combining plant-wide process models and life cycle assessment
Authors: Arnell M., Rahmberg M., Oliveira F., Jeppsson U.

Predicting N2O emissions from nitrifying and denitrifying biofilms: A modeling study
Authors: Sabba F., Picioreanu C., Boltz J.P., Nerenberg R.

Wastewater treatment plant performance analysis using artificial intelligence – An ensemble approach
Authors: Nourani V., Elkiran G., Abba S.I.

Determination of mechanical properties of biofilms by modelling the deformation measured using optical coherence tomography
Authors: Picioreanu C., Blauert F., Horn H., Wagner M.

On the sensitivity of geospatial low impact development locations to the centralized sewer network
Authors: Zischg J., Zeisl P., Winkler D., Rauch W., Sitzenfrei R.

How well-mixed is well mixed? Hydrodynamic-biokinetic model integration in an aerated tank of a full-scale water resource recovery facility
Authors: Rehman U., Audenaert W., Amerlinck Y., Maere T., Arnaldos M., Nopens I.

Development of a model for activated sludge aeration systems: Linking air supply, distribution, and demand
Authors: Schraa O., Rieger L., Alex J.

Aeration control system for example WRRF model.

Microalgae and cyanobacteria modeling in water resource recovery facilities: A critical review
Authors: Shoener B.D., Schramm S.M., Béline F., Bernard O., Martínez C., Plósz B.G., Snowling S., Steyer J.-P., Valverde-Pérez B., Wágner D., Guest J.S.


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