SIMBA# Training

Our training courses are based on our extensive experience in teaching modeling and simulation of wastewater and biogas systems. Our training offerings cover software familiarization and introductions into modeling and simulation up to professional levels (Levels 1-4). The Pro course (Level 5) and customized training courses deepen the understanding of unit process models and simulation procedures and the Master course (Level 6) will help you unlock the full potential of SIMBA# customized to your needs. All courses include short theory sessions, but the focus is on hands-on training.

Premium Support (Training-on-the-Job)
Getting you started with SIMBA# in the most efficient way is behind our Premium Support package. We will work with you one hour per week (plus one hour preparation) on a model of your choice. This allows you to quickly become familiar with the software while working on your own project.

Scheduled On-line Training Courses
SIMBA# Training Courses are scheduled regularly, and anyone can join any of the sessions online. Please contact us for more information and schedules at

On Demand On-line Training Courses
If you prefer on-demand training for your organization, we will put together a tailored training program at a time convenient for you. Number of participants is limited to 15.

You can find details in our On-line Shop under Training or in our price list.

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