inCTRL offers premium support for all our software packages. Our training solutions range from standard courses to tailored training sessions at client's sites. We also offer workshops and hands-on training on how to operate on-line sensors.

SIMBA# Support

Software support is essential for the undisturbed use of complex tools such as water and wastewater simulation platforms. inCTRL and the SIMBA# developers at ifak are aiming for the highest client satisfaction by providing an experienced and timely support. You

SIMBA# Training

Our training courses are based on our extensive experience in teaching modeling and simulation of wastewater and biogas systems. Our training offerings cover software familiarization and introductions into modeling and simulation up to professional levels (Levels 1-4). The Pro course

Sensor Training

inCTRL offers on-site training sessions and workshops to help implement sensor maintenance procedures and explain all the little tricks and details to your instrumentation staff. We will set up individual courses including the following topics: The need for regular quality


Promotional Material Are you interested in more information on SIMBA#? Please download one of the SIMBA# flyers describing key features or request a live demo from one of our experts. SIMBA_Water Flyer_4.2 (en) SIMBA_Biogas Flyer_4.2 (en) Software Demo Would you