opsCTRL, inCTRL’s Monitoring & Control Platform sits atop an existing DCS or SCADA system and provides additional functionality to more efficiently operate wastewater treatment plants.

The Monitoring part is

  • continuously checking the data quality of the connected on-line sensors,
  • optimizing the maintenance of sensors and other equipment,
  • analyzing the collected data and translate it into useful information for decision making, and
  • providing on-line status updates of your sensors, actuators and the processes in form of a configurable Dashboard.

The Control part of opsCTRL uses newest simulation technology to design, optimize and test control solutions before they are implemented full-scale. Standardization will make it possible to (i) make advanced control a cost effective option (even for smaller plants), (ii) mitigate the risk of operating highly efficient but more error-prone control solutions, (iii) provide a high level of sophistication in control loops and safety nets leading to more robust control and more efficient treatment plant operation.

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