opsCTRL is a connected asset and knowledge management solution

Evolving operations

Safe and reliable

opsCTRL is a connected asset and knowledge management solution which enables secure data sharing between facilities and suppliers. Whether your facility is looking to optimize processes or a manufacturer is looking to provide smart, digitally-connected equipment and controls, opsCTRL has the tools needed to evolve your operations.

Endless possibilities

There are two versions of opsCTRL:
opsCTRL facility and
opsCTRL supplier


allows equipment manufacturers to:

  • easily and quickly track opportunities and convert sales to confirmed installations;
  • search and filter all installations in seconds;
  • securely collect and analyze data of your equipment’s performance; and
  • maintain better communication with your end users.


provides operators the ability to:

  • remotely monitor equipment performance from anywhere at anytime;
  • effortlessly access and upload manuals, videos, and more through an interactive media library;
  • automate workflows and trigger them based on intelligent equipment performance alarms;
  • digitally build custom maintenance workflows and daily round sheets; and
  • directly contact equipment support representatives.

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Evolving operations

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