Online sensors 360

inCTRL has the expertise to support you in all questions related to on-line sensors

Let us help you


You want to buy a new sensor but don't know which one is the right choice for you? We have the expertise to support you in testing different sensors and help you in selecting the best choice for your specific application. Support for sensor testing may include:

  • Development of tailored sensor testing procedures (pre-purchase testing)
  • Support in organizing and executing testing campaigns
  • Support in data analysis
  • Technical report with result interpretation and advice on sensor selection

Sensor Audits

You want to know how good your sensors are? Let us help you by analyzing your needs and making sure what you got is what you need. inCTRL’s Sensor Audits include a thorough evaluation of your sensors in terms of installation, calibration, and accuracy.

Maintenance planning

Did you purchase a number of on-line sensors and now realize that keeping them operational to deliver sufficient accuracy requires major maintenance efforts? We have the expertise to plan your maintenance procedures, reduce costs, and make sure you get the quality you need.

Testing & Training

Do you want to test a new sensor before you buy it? Let inCTRL assist you in developing test procedures leading to the information you need to select the best sensor for your application.

inCTRL offers on-site training sessions and workshops to help implement sensor maintenance procedures and explain all the little tricks and details to your staff.