Season’s Greetings from inCTRL Solutions and the Water & Energy Department at ifak. We wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and all the best for 2018.

 2017 has been the most exciting and successful year so far for inCTRL Solutions. We added Jerome Remigio to our team and were happy to be accepted to WaterTAP’s Direct Assistance program with David Martin providing his outstanding business experience and skills to inCTRL. We were involved in a range of innovative projects with utilities and worked with some of the major international consulting firms and equipment suppliers.

A focus of our developments was on getting our Monitoring & Control Platform (M&CP) extended and tested. Our Data Analytics Leader Ivan Miletic worked hard to make it the data platform of choice by adding his ‘magic’ multi-variate data tools. Our pilot installations at Grand Rapids, MI and in Germany enabled us to adapt our interfaces and integrate additional workflows based on operator feedback. The M&CP is currently undergoing a complete re-write based on the experience we collected throughout the last few years. 2018 will see the roll-out of a brand-new product line.

In regard to SIMBA#water, we mainly consolidated our models, improved speed and robustness and added new visualization features to version 2.1. We continued testing of our new models for Granular Sludge SBRs and Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABRs), and published a series of papers on these models. The fact that our models can match measured data without any change in biokinetic model parameters once more showed that SIMBA# is at the forefront of model development.

With SIMBA# biogas, we entered another industry (agricultural and food processing waste treatment) and the feedback from our clients is overwhelming. Starting in 2018, we will have a dedicated Senior Process Modeling Expert responsible for our biogas library.

inCTRL also filed its first full patent for our ABAC-SRT controller combining ammonia-based aeration control with sludge retention time control. The ABAC-SRT controller has been implemented and is being tested full-scale.

We have been lucky to work with some outstanding researchers on challenging projects. Our research cooperations with ICRA in Girona and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa resulted in a number of papers and presentations and we started working with George Wells’ research group at Northwestern University, Dominic Frigon’s group at McGill University (funded by NSERC), and Younggy Kim’s group at McMaster University (funded by the SOWC). In 2018, we will start our strategic partnership with AM-Team ( Watch out for updates!

As in previous years, inCTRL was very active in volunteer work: Oliver is the Chair of the WEF Biofilm Interest Group, Vice-chair of the Instrumentation and Control Workgroup, and the Vice-Chair of the WEF Facility Operations Symposia helping to develop the WEFTEC.18 program. Leiv finished his term as the Chair of the WEF MEGA group, but will still be involved in the WEF Municipal Symposia. As the Vice-Chair of the ICA 2017 Conference he helped making it a highlight of the year. Leiv is currently busy with last preparations for the WRRmod2018 seminar ( in Lac Beauport, Quebec in his role as Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee.

The inCTRL Solutions team together with the Water & Energy Department at ifak appreciate your continued support and wish you an exciting and successful 2018!

With best wishes,


Season’s Greetings 2017