inCTRL gave a 2-day training course on “On-line Sensor Maintenance, Calibration and Quality Control” at the Ward’s Island Plant.

The first day was completely hands-on with demonstrations on probe handling, maintenance, calibration and typical pitfalls and solutions of specific probes. The second day consisted of several presentations and in-depths discussions on maintenance planning, calibration procedures and QA/QC strategies.

About 10 people attended the training: Keith Beckmann (Chief – Process Research & Development) and members of the plant’s instrumentation team, process engineers from Hazen & Sawyer, and students from the City College of New York with Professor Krish Ramalingam. S::can Measuring Systems LLC as the probes manufacturer provided the required material and technical support.

SensorTraining_Wards Island_300_400pxSensorTraining_Wards Island2_300_400px

Sensor maintenance training at the New York Ward’s Island plant