Simba#water Purchase

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The Outright Purchase option includes 1 year of software support and all updates to the software during the year. A support and maintenance contract is offered after the 1st year.

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Features (selection)

  • Libraries for typical unit processes
  • Definition of arbitrary bio‐chemical conversion models (process matrix editor)
  • Wide range of tools for modeling, simulation and result evaluation
  • System-wide calculation and presentation of mass and energy flows (Sankey diagrams)
  • Ability to implement static design procedures and evaluation tools
  • Functionality to implement and test control solutions using PLC programming language (IEC 61131 ST)
  • Easy implementation of advanced time‐based control solutions using Petri Nets (e.g. for SBRs)
  • Improved modeling approach for pollutant transport in sewer systems and rivers (Lagrange)
  • Animated visualization of process status
Simba#water Purchase