inCTRL Solutions and Organica Water recently signed an agreement to cooperate on a number of developments including new software tools for design, monitoring and control of wastewater treatment plants.  The Design Tool development, which incorporates cutting edge developments from ifak (software) and Dynamita (model development), is being led by Primodal and will provide full design services for Organica-powered WWTPs via the internet.  inCTRL will also contribute its know-how in data quality evaluation, good modelling practice, and process control to provide Organica with the next-generation of plant monitoring and supervisory systems to employ on each Organica-powered WWTP that is built around the world.

Organica Water is a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater. Over the past two decades Organica has developed a truly unique approach, enabling customers all over the world to address urban water challenges in a cost and resource efficient manner. With 45 operating references as large 80,000 m3/d, today Organica is a market leader in compact and highly-efficient treatment systems that combine a state-of-the-art IFAS solution with the look and feel of a green house. The unique architectural designs allow Organica to provide solutions that perfectly fit into urban and suburban settings as well as into natural environments. For more information please visit

inCTRL and Organica Water enter into Strategic Cooperation