David R. Martin, P.Eng., Chief Executive Officer

Over 30 years of innovation across the globe building better products and services. From automotive to consumer products, utility to multinational beverage sectors solving some of the toughest social and commercialization challenges to make companies better.

In the C-suite of several companies (including MethodCapital, WCI Environmental, Voltea, and evandtec) in Europe and Canada, reaching global markets with an intense passion and an entrepreneurial spirit for tackling problems, Mr. Martin has helped shareholders profit and talent blossom.

As a member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund Council, David joins recognized leaders in the federal, municipal and environmental sectors carefully tending to a $1.6 billion fund.

Converting complex capital purchases into simple operating expenses through innovative financing, as CTO of MethodCapital David is responsible for all things technical.

As a Sector Expert for Enertech Capital, he supplied expertise and knowledge on Energy Storage, EV & Infrastructure and water and performed detailed analyses of multiple battery technologies for environmental impact, total life cycle cost,  performance and regulatory policies for management.


Specialties: Building lasting relationships through trust and understanding. Deep technical knowledge and abilities paired with professional sales skills for all kinds of technologies and products. Excellent presenter of complex and novel ideas to broad audiences – making connections that make sense and inspiring motivation through enthusiasm and diligence.

Social: Semi-extreme outdoor activities including running ultra-marathons, trail and mountain marathons, 100km and longer gravel, mountain and road bicycle racing. Avid traveler exploring more than 80 countries for music, culture, outdoors and new people.