Carsten Owerdieck, VP of Engineering and Sales

Carsten Owerdieck has over 25 years of experience in design and commissioning of advanced wastewater treatment systems for industrial and municipal customers with a focus on water reuse. A key interest of Carsten is to use advanced simulation tools to create improved and highly reliable designs resulting in more competitive bids. While Carsten focused on growing the acceptance of membranes for treatment of municipal and complex industrial wastewaters, his expertise also covers classic wastewater treatment and especially intensification technologies (e.g. membrane aerated biofilms (MABR), Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS), or Anammox). His involvement in anaerobic digestion projects to evaluate performance guarantees, enabled him to gain first-hand insights into energy neutral plant designs with advanced control strategies to improve overall sustainability in treating waste and wastewater.

In his role as the VP of Engineering and Sales at inCTRL, Carsten is using his extensive leadership experience to strengthen inCTRL’s team of process experts with a focus on customer satisfaction, striving for excellence throughout every step of a project lifecycle. He and his team are supporting our customers to integrate new processes into their existing treatment systems, drive efficiencies through advanced control strategies, and develop tools that will enable suppliers, designers, integrators, and operators to design, build, and operate the most efficient and highly resilient resource recovery plants of the future.