inCTRL provides innovative solutions for water and biogas systems that improve water quality, are more cost effective, lead to higher resilience, and increase productivity.

Consulting Services

inCTRL’s key personnel bring more than 100 years of experience to the table in the fields of optimizing municipal and industrial wastewater and biogas treatment processes. We combine in-depth knowledge of the underlying processes, years of operational experience and advanced modeling and data analytics expertise to develop the best solutions for our clients. If you need an honest second opinion, we offer expert reviews and can get involved in advisory roles.


SIMBA#water: inCTRL sells and supports the water and wastewater simulation and modeling software SIMBA#. The next generation simulation platform, which is best-in-class for control system developments, integrates classic design with dynamic simulation, and provides extensive model libraries for the whole urban water system.

SIMBA#biogas: A special SIMBA# library has been established for biogas plants fed by agricultural or other waste. This unique dynamic simulation platform allows optimization of feeding strategies, changing operational settings, start-up of reactors, or response to (and recovery from) operational problems. Another application is to analyze how much energy a plant can produce from a certain feed-stock or what the return of investment is.

DIGITAL TOOLS: If you are interested in smart digital tools for water, inCTRL can help you with honest advice, consulting services, or develop the tools for you. Later this year we will release our new Data Management & Analytics Tool and a set of new modules for our Monitoring & Control Platform. Stay tuned!


Our Mission

inCTRL Solutions is all about quality and efficiency around wastewater treatment and resource recovery. We reach our goals by providing a unique skill set combining advanced data analytics with classic process engineering and our vast practical experience. Add our innovative digital tools and we get you ready for the future.